Hyperlocal Digital Solution
To Drive Store Traffic, Improve Customer
Conversions and Maximize Sales

Hyperlocal Digital Solution To Drive Store Traffic, Improve Customer Conversions and Maximize Sales

Increased 10% store walk in 20% customer conversion 10% Average Selling Price 25% customer retention

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Innovate or Perish

Estimated 20% lost in-store sales due to inventory, size, color issues

Complete lack of insight into window shoppers/ non transactional customers hence no ability to convert them into paying customers

Hyper-growth in digital commerce has left physical stores stranded and confused about how to effectively execute in a digital world

Customer acquisition and retention has become difficult in physical retail due to lack of effective in-store customer engagement solution


Integrate digital & physical retail ecosystems allowing retailers to drive revenue by -

How FirstHandle Can Help


  • Increase Customer Traffic to Stores
  • Increase Time-Spent in Store
  • Increase Average Selling Price


  • Improve In-Store Conversion Rate
  • Use Contextual Targeting to Drive Right Customers to Your Stores
  • Capture Data for Non-Transacting Customers


  • Increase Repeat Customer Visits
  • Increase Lifetime Value of Customers
  • Get Meaningful Insights to Maximize Revenue

About Us

FirstHandle was founded to help physical retailers stay competitive and increase revenues in today's dynamically changing retail landscape across the globe. Our cloud native digital solution powered by latest developments in IoT, Mobile and AI helps retailers drive customer walk-ins, improve customer conversions and maximize sales. FirstHandle was founded by retail, e-commerce and technology veterans. We are based at Noida, India and CA, USA.

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41, Liberty Lane, Petaluma, CA - 94952

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For sales related inquires, write us at contact@firsthandle.com or call us at 9650603719, 9818676921

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