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Mr. Rajesh Kumar Goel
Founder and CEO of Infyshield

Objective - Reaching out our customer base with minimum customer acquisition cost

Case - We are the providers of Warranty, Extended Warranty and many other device protection services in the market. While we create unique customer centric solutions, we also need to create market and create awareness to the customers; at the same time, we have to reach out to the dealers, retailers, shop owners who sell various type of electronic products and appliances.

The products that we cater to include IT, Mobility, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Display, Telecom, Networking, Security & Surveillance, Consumer Healthcare etc. which essentially means our market spread is large. Also, Reaching out to such a large retailer base is unimaginatively tough as well as costly.

We then came in touch with FirstHandle as they approached. We were apparently amazed that our challenges of reaching out at no customer acquisition cost with this platform is such an opportunity! We could not have asked for more...


For us FirstHandle solves our toughest problems,

  1. Quick reach to our target customers
  2. Quick reach to the market through validated and accredited retailers
  3. Pan India presence
  4. Technology to create, disseminate and own any new sales initiatives, discounts, new product introduction, schemes etc.

We are really excited to be associated with FirstHandle and look forward to adding huge value to the consumers and our sales partners as well.

Mr. Sandeep Roy
Manager @ U.S Pizza

Objective - To make the discounts and offers reach our audiences

Case - After winning the food business, we had the task of helping solve a perennial problem; Keeping our valued customers engaged and acquiring new ones with the offers that we bring for them. Communication with our customers has always been a challenge to be taken care of.

FirstHandle approached us and offered the opportunity to broaden our customer base in the space. We weren’t much convinced with the number of downloads they displayed as it was a very new launch in the market when we joined them. We still gave a trial as the service offered was free of cost. It was a sheer disappointment for the initial month. But gradually, for a brand that’s all about fast food, this application started serving as a close to good foray into the space of hyperlocal targeting.


And a consistent growth in the percentage of clientele through FH has been witnessed so far. However, we did not get much help for usage guidance and we had to explore it all on our own. I hope that the product selling and customer analytics take the new form of ROI.


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