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Sometimes you just want to get local – really local!

Say you work and live amongst Delhi’s notoriously positioned numerous structures and you rely on some source to list down the best offers with brands or the hidden deal giving gems around the corner. In today’s world of technology, there are ample options and apps available that can give you a list of options within a flash of time. But, what if you get a vast list of options from all around and many are really far too? Does it cater to your needs?

You want an app that gets hyper-local!!

Hyperlocal apps focus on a specific and limited area - region or town; they will target a more specific geographic location within that area (say anyone within 1 km of 9th cross in Bangalore). Their benefits are far beyond telling you the offers only.

FirstHandle is one of the obvious examples. It is a digital footprint with location intelligence for the consumers to bring you what you want exactly where you are. Simply inviting you to take a deeper care of the shopaholic you. Consumers can essentially use their mobile/smartphone (a device they’re already attached to at their every waking moment) to save money and earn rewards at their favourite restaurants, brands, retailers, and services.

While you’re out, it notifies you when you’re near your store or deal. So, you get the option to discover your favourite merchants and receive personalized offers basis all the desired information on retailers’ credibility.

It is definitely meant to help you find treats and treasures at a discount!

Why Hyper-local?

Whether a consumer is around a restaurant or in a shopping mall, seeing an advertisement or a special offer increases the chances for a customer to make his/her purchases at convenience. Without having to physically explore the market, you get what u want being exactly where you already are.

Also, while consumers get to interact with larger brands, their day-to-day engagement with local stores also becomes easier than ever!

Location, location, location….is apparently not just for real estate anymore!

Hyperlocal Targeting: Much about Location and Timing

Advertising to the consumers already interested in specific brand or products has always been effective. Yet, targeting often misses one crucial and necessary component i.e; the timed context. Just because an ad for a product served by a brand that fetched interest of a customer in the past doesn’t mean it will be relevant later on as well. Retailers or National brands may craft a perfect message, but the magic of good targeting lies in ensuring the delivery of those messages at the right time.

No doubt an advertisement can do speak to a general geographic area. But different behaviours occur depending on the location of a customer. For instance, a lifestyle retailer may want to reach a customer at home with an offer awareness message available at some near store location. Such messages help drive the customers in the store. Merchants can use different messaging ways to drive sales – like lucrative deals suggesting benefits or an incentivizing coupon only redeemable in the store. The type of notification/message that the customer receives is highly dependent on timing. Fortunately, the specific location targeting, we offer at FirstHandle, can help better inform the choice of marketing messages.

Keeps consumers plugged in

Today’s consumers can engage search engines and websites along with the mobile advertisements and social networks to the draw the desired customers. But, it can exhaust your customers, particularly if they are served with the same ads over and over again. They would rather start finding ways to filter out irrelevant information that does not connect to their interests and needs or has been seen before. Adblock Plus, an extension for Google’s Chrome browser that blocks digital ads, is just one example of how the saturated shoppers are saying “enough!” to the ads.

At the same time, how can retailers or brands afford themselves being fenced out from the shoppers’ lives? To cater to this, they can serve more consumer relevant content. According to a survey conducted by Yahoo, “consumers find personalized ads to be more engaging (54 percent), educational (52 percent), time-saving (49 percent) and memorable (45 percent).” We, the hyperlocal targeting podium, allow retailers/brands to establish the personal relevance by connecting people directly to promos/offers and products within their immediate surroundings or geographical area. Also, our platform allows them to deliver timely offers to the customers – calling out the sale start dates as well as expiration of special offers. Getting limited-time and fresh content in front of consumers, which is available at a nearby location, drives better urgency and eventually leads to better sales.

Mobility Changing the Course of Work

Mobility has changed the entire course of work these days. Mobile applications have now become the order of the day as most of the mobile users are mostly within an arm’s reach of their device in their waking hours.

This way, Mobile devices allow marketers to reach consumers anytime and at any place. This is why the hyperlocal targeting with mobile works so well. Unfortunately, a study conducted by Adobe, earlier this year, found only 14 percent of marketers planning a “significant digital spend” towards their mobile marketing efforts. This is a bit baffling because the number of mobile users and its engagement continue to grow thereby representing a substantial revenue opportunity for marketers. Going mobile means reaching out on more of the right people and going “hyperlocal” in mobile connotes reaching them with even more pertinent marketing notifications/messages at the right place and right time.

What’s ahead?

The growth potential in Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising will only continue to expand, with campaign possibilities only limited by the imagination of the professionals that master this explosive technology.


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